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Iverson Innovations

  • Iverson expanded on the Westover use of neoprene laced snowshoe. This lightweight, non-stretch, non-stick  material is unaffected by severe winter conditions and reduces snowshoe maintenance.
  • Iverson developed the "Standard A" snowshoe harness, the reference standard of the industry.
  • Iverson developed their proprietary "No-Sno" poly-lacquer coating along with a multi-step dipping process that significantly reduces build-up in wet and sticky snow conditions.
  • In 2008 Iverson began using military grade ballistic Kevlar impregnated neoprene. Incredibly tough, durable, abrasion resistant and  30% lighter.
  • 2008 also saw the introduction of the Iverson reinforced arc support system. Our engineers developed a polymer to reinforce the extreme bends in our snowshoes to reduce stress and improve structural integrity.
  • The 2009/2010 season also saw the release of the new "Iverson AA" harness. This much improved "Iverson A" is built for the new larger pack boots in use today.
  • Iverson will soon introduce the new "Super-Flex" high performance racing snowshoe. Prototype testing is now in process on this super light, flexible snowshoe with superior traction and impact absorption.

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