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Wood Vs. Aluminum

Aluminum snowshoes entered the market back in the 1980's, the vast majority imported. We could build them too, but choose not to. Our team of craftsmen and artisans continue to handcraft the finest snowshoes based on our designs that were perfected through the eons. We mix tradition & technology, but always staying true to our cause. We're often told by our customers that there's just something special about a pair of Iverson's. No techie terms or slick marketing here.

A few facts about Iverson snowshoes:
  • They provide nearly twice the flotation of metal shoes of the same weight
  • Our open lacing doesn't accumulate snow or ice like the solid decks of the metal shoes. It also  provides superior traction with no "sled" effect
  • Wood frames are very rugged and flexible; they don't freeze, become brittle nor bend when bridged
  • Quality, we regularly re-lace our shoes that have been used hard for decades
  • They're made in the USA, which is very important today
  • They're beautiful to display when not being used
  • You'll wear out before they do, but it's fun to pass them down to the next generation
  • They're very quiet, our snowshoes are used by many top outfitters for this reason alone
Here's the test, try a pair of Iverson's. Not a 2 minute stroll on packed snow, go break a trail in deep snow, take some pictures of the critters that you haven't spooked by the clanking of metal, then you'll start to get it. True purists, those who work and play in the wilderness continue to choose Iverson's, you should too.

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